Welcome to the Archives

Showcasing a journey of works from over 15 years as a professional artist.

Counting down from the more recent to the nieve works of my early beginnings as a professional oil painter. I hope you enjoy this little jouney as much as I have enjoyed the years of experience and learning, the struggles and the changes along what has been an exciting but bumpy road.

Since 2013-14

Living in Munich Germany and I was starting to gain an understanding of the difference in light coming from Australia. I was heavily concentrated now on the city and the many scenes that it presented. I spent hours of every day just drawing figures as I had no idea of how to paint them, so it was a real out of my comfort zone situation but I was starting to get the hang of it. It was also the beginning of my portrait painting journey. I travelled to Italy, Holand, Poland, Ireland, Greece and the USA. It was a big year of cultural experience.

Since 2011-12

In 2010 I met the love of my life and to be future wife Sara. After a short trip to the Fliders Ranges in Australia, I packed up life in Australia and moved to Europe. It was an incredible challenge for me as an artist who had worked out formulars for painting Australian Beaches and landscapes. The light and landscape was so foreign. A grey concrete jungle under overcast skies.

Since 2009-10

I moved into my second studio/gallery space in Fremantle. Where I ran VIP evening events and painted some very large works. The larges was a five meter tryptic.

Since 2007-08

After travelling around Australia I returned home to settle in Fremanlte. I rented a large space and set up my first Gallery and Studio and I painted Large studio paintings. Works were selling and I was making a living and paying the rent. In this time I completed a 200+ paintings commission for Multiplex living. and had work shipped to the USA for the G’day USA event

Since 2005-06

The real journey begun. I had no idea but it was fun, I took my mobile art studio and travelled around Australia by myself. I painted a whole 30 something paintings but took over 60,000 photographs. What was I thinking. I wish I knew what I do now.

Since 2003-04

Once apon a time… in the beginning, I lived on the coast in North Beach Western Australia, I was working in an advertising agencey as an art director and painting as a hobby on the side. These are some of my earliest works and its great to have a bit of history preserved in paint. Old Cleggies bait and tackle is now long gone, it was iconic on the coast, and the colour of the Quokka Arms will never be the same.